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and nothings gonna save us now, let the rain come crashing down 


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HARD Trance/Techno has never been my favorite sub-genre of edm, but I do love this

Cocaine (Scot Project Remix) - Yakooza 

I love how the IDMA’s (International Dance Music Awards) is just one letter away from MDMA


I’m drowning in your love

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Listening to trance music outside while it storms..

It doesn’t get much better than this. 

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I know it’s old, but I will forever be obsessed with this song.

I’ll Never Dream I’m in Love - Kaskade vs. Alex Gaudino

Reblog if you think Insomniac should have a huge EDM event in Phoenix Arizona!!

Phoenix, AZ is most definitely worthy of a huge electronic dance music festival.. and i’m talking far bigger then Colossal Event.  Please Insomniac?

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